Review: Hope – Disco Monster (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Hope – Disco Monster.

This track was released in 1993 as part of a single.

The track starts off with a synth effect and a bassline. This is backed by a thunder clap sample. These elements fade away and the main synth melody takes over. This is backed by the drum kit. A high hat then comes in along with frog samples.

After a brief stop with only the frog sound being present, several elements make a return. A voice sample makes the occasional appearance. A synth effect then comes in, but is only present for a brief period. The voice sample then makes a return.

After a snare roll, the track temporarily changes key twice before returning back to what it was before. A female voice sample then comes in with the occasional male voice sample returning. Both stop and the synth effect makes its return. A secondary melody then comes in. A snare roll comes in and a few elements go away again.

From there, the track temporarily changes key again before the voice samples make a return. The male voice sample comes back first before the female also makes a return. The synth effect also makes a return. From there, the track breaks down somewhat. A snare roll comes in and the track continues to break down. A thunder clap comes in and a synth effect then takes over for a moment before stopping as well.

One thing I do like about this track is that the various elements do make the track sound good. The bassline and synth melodies work quite well. I also think the voice samples add quite a bit to the track. Even the thunderclap and frog samples give this track a bit of a personality.

A problem I have with this track is that several elements are almost left on auto-pilot throughout the track. As a result, the track winds up being a bit on the repetitive side even though it does change key a couple times.

Overall, this is a decent track. It has a nice selection of samples. I also like the various synth melodies. It’s unfortunate that it is so repetitive, but it’s still a decent listening experience all around.


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