Review: Holly Drummond – Forbidden (Vaizo Remix) (Drum N Bass)

This review covers the chilled drum n bass track Holly Drummond – Forbidden (Vaizo Remix).

This track was released in 2012 for free streaming.

One prominent thing about this track is the fact that it is very laid back. Despite the fact that it is a drum n bass track, it borders on being an ambient track.

The track contains an acoustic guitar sound backed by synth pads towards the beginning. It does a very good job at setting up for the rest of the track. The guitar sound is also found throughout the track, ducking in and out of prominence, but never really going away entirely.

The subtle pianos and synth melody both help give this track life. A good aspect of this track.

The flow was also nicely done. The drop was particularly good for such a laid back track.

The lyrics were nicely realized. They were much more in depth then what I was expecting. This was a pleasant surprise.

The vocals have their strengths and weaknesses. The vocals have a very nice and soft sound to them. This gave the track a very nice sound. The downside to the vocals is that when the vocals drop lower, they become extremely hard to hear. It gets to the point where it’s extremely difficult to hear what the lyrics are.

Still, it was a pretty good track to listen. Definitely a good one to listen to when you want something light to listen to. While it isn’t always easy hearing the vocals, it’s hard to argue with the overall flow and sound of this track. A pretty good track overall.


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