Review: H2O – EverReady (Rock)

This review covers the punk rock track H2O – EverReady.

This track was released in 1997 on the album Thicker Than Water.

The track starts with a filtered guitar. Shortly after, other guitars come in along with the drum kit and vocals. From there, the main vocals take the track into the first verse.

After that, the backup vocals take the track into the first round in the main chorus. Right after, the main vocals take the track into the next verse. The backup vocals take the track into the next round in the main chorus. The track then hits a quasi-instrumental section with splashes of the main vocals.

From there, a guitar solo comes in. After this, the backup vocals take the track into the main chorus again. The guitars then lead the track out.

One interesting aspect of the track is the use of the faster tempo. The way the guitars come out in this track along with this faster tempo, I struggle to think if this sounds more Green Day or more Offspring. In all honesty, I can’t really make up my mind on it, but in any event, the track doesn’t sound all that bad because of it.

A problem with this track is that some of the lyrics get a bit garbled. Surprisingly, it isn’t because of the mastering that I can tell. I think it’s just the way the lyrics are sung that causes some of the lyrics to become garbled.

Another problem is the track length. It winds up being a bit on the short side. As a result, I have a hard time considering this a track with any major lasting impact.

Still, I will say that this track manages to capture a nice upbeat energy thanks in part to the faster tempo. So, it does have a pretty decent vibe.

Overall, this is a pretty decent track. It has a faster tempo that helps capture a good energy and upbeat vibe. The length does hurt this track along with some of the lyrics winding up being a bit on the garbled side from time to time. So, a decent track all around in the end.


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