Review: Godsmack – Voodoo (Rock)

This review covers the alternative rock track Godsmack – Voodoo.

This track was released in 1998 on a self-titled album.

The track starts off with a vocal. This vocal has a delay effect added to it. Backup vocals join towards the end. A drum kit and bass guitar replaces the vocals. A lead guitar then joins the track. The vocals then re-join the track for a verse.

After the lead guitars become more prominent, the vocals take the track into the main chorus. The main chorus winds up being a bit short. It is, however, capped off with an instrumental section.

From there, the vocals return for another verse. After a short instrumental section, the vocals take the track back into the main chorus again. The main chorus this time is lengthened thanks to some added repetition. After that, an instrumental section takes over. An acapella makes subtle appearances.

The main vocals then take the track back into the main chorus once again. Those vocals then add a section to the main chorus at the end. From there, the main vocals repeat the main chorus as the track breaks down. Those main vocals lead the track out.

For me, the guitars are alright. They are successful in giving this track a decent flow throughout. They ultimately carry the track from beginning to end in my view.

Meanwhile, the vocals are decent enough. To me, they are nothing huge, but they aren’t all that bad either.

My big problem with this track is that it just seems that it holds back. As a result, I get that impression that there is some interesting buildup only to have an anti-climactic finish to the sound after. It’s that same kind of effect with bad psytrance tracks where the track continually builds up to what amounts to nothing. It’s not quite as bad in this track, but this track does have that effect to me.

Overall, this is an OK track. The guitars get a thumbs up from me as they really carry the track through from beginning to end. They add that necessary bit of flow that actually makes this track listenable. The vocals are decent enough. Unfortunately, this track just holds itself back and builds up to nothing. So, nothing to get excited over in my view.


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