Review: Globe – Pulse (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Globe – Pulse.

This track was released in 1995 as a single.

The track starts with a trance drum kit that builds up. A synth comes in with an automated filter on it. After a cymbal crash, the synth drops out and a synth melody comes in. The first synth then comes in shortly after, laying on top of the second. Another cymbal crash comes in, leaving only one synth melody behind.

The track starts to build up with a synth pad coming in. A 303-like synth comes in as well. A sliding synth comes in for a moment. This leads to the main synth melody coming in. This is backed by the trance drum kit and synth pad. Another cymbal crash comes in.

Only a few synth melodies are left. The bassline then comes in. From there, the trance drum kit comes in along with the synth pad. Some of the melodies drop out, leaving mostly the synth pad. The synth melodies then come back. From there, the track gradually pulls back, leaving high hats and synth melodies. The two of the melodies then lead the track out.

I do like the synth melodies. The way they layer on top of each other so nicely works well. The synth pad on top of everything else makes the track sound quite good.

I also like how the track evolves throughout. The drops and high energy portions work pretty well.

Overall, this is a pretty decent track. It’s got good melodies and a nicely done flow. The synth pad also works well to tie everything together and give this track an edge. So, a pretty good track if you ask me.


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