Review: Foo Fighters – My Hero (Rock)

This review covers the alternative rock track Foo Fighters – My Hero.

This track was released in 1998 as a single.

The track starts off with a drum kit. A bass guitar comes in. This is followed shortly by the lead guitars.

From there, the track briefly drops out a bit before the vocals come in for the first verse. The vocals then take the track straight into the main chorus. This is capped off with a brief instrumental.

After that, the vocals take the track into the next verse. The vocals then take the track into the main chorus again without much variation from before outside of lyrics. This is, again, capped off with an instrumental section, but the instrumental section is extended.

The drum kit then builds the track back up and the vocals go through a modified main chorus before going straight back into the main chorus. From there, the guitars lead the track out.

Probably the strongest part of the track is the lyrics. There’s plenty of embedded meaning for people to latch on to and turn this into a meaningful track. So, that, of course, gets a thumbs up from me.

Meanwhile, the vocals are decent enough. They aren’t particularly bad, but I also wouldn’t call them particularly amazing. So, decent enough.

The guitars, however, do become a bit predictable. Once you get past the intro, there is a brief instrumental part way through to add variety. Beyond that, they really don’t do a whole lot to help make this track stand out necessarily.

Overall, this is definitely a reasonably good track. It has some nice deep meaningful lyrics that really adds flare to the overall track. The vocals are alright, though the guitars are a bit on the predictable side of things. So, a pretty decent track all around.


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