Review: Feint – Vagrant (ft. Veela) (Drum N Bass)

This review covers the liquid drum n bass track Feint – Vagrant (ft. Veela).

This track was released in 2015 on the compilation album Alchemy. We previously reviewed the tracks Maxim – That We Say, T & Sugah feat. Ayve – Unreal and Aether & Sizzlebird – Raccoon City (ft. Veela). We continue along on exploring this album with this particular track.

The track starts off with a synth melody and a few effects. Shortly after, the lyrics are brought in. After that, the drum n bass drumkit gradually comes into focus. This is layered with a main melody which has a constantly shimmering modulation.

When the drop hits, the track goes back to the slower pace. While the lyrics continue throughout, the buildup consists of the bringing back of the faster drumkit again. The track ultimately reaches the climax shortly after with the lyrics, melody, and drumkit playing out at the same time.

The track suddenly hits a sort of stop with a high hat. From there, the track just finishes off with some string element and vocals.

For me, the track does have a number of elements that make this a pretty good track. One part are the three higher energy elements: the main melody, the vocals, and the more general drum n bass sound. The climax works especially well here and leaves me very satisfied with the track.

I would call this a great track, but unfortunately, the track cuts off very quickly. After building up a lot of great flow throughout, the ending just seems jarring and sudden. If the track more gradually faded out, the flow would have gone out nicely at the end. Instead, it’s a cut with that high hat which leaves me with that “oh” feeling.

Overall, this track has a lot going for it. There is the overall flow in the first portion of the track. The drop and subsequent build-up works quite well as it took a somewhat creative approach to get that flow to work. Meanwhile, the vocals are also nicely done. The lyrics are also well thought out. This is combined with a nice drum kit and some nicely done melodies. Unfortunately, the quality comes crashing down at the end with that sudden stop. If it weren’t for the mood killing ending, I would have given this a much better score. As it stands now, it’s a fairly decent track, but nothing too amazing.


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