Review: Erectronik – Pelvis Pumper (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Erectronik – Pelvis Pumper.

This track was released in 2006 for free.

One thing that stands out (no pun intended) is the overall personality of this track. This is one of those tracks that isn’t really meant to be treated seriously and and has that horny silliness. I think that’s what makes this track so great in the first place.

The layered melody throughout was quite a strong element in this track. It really propelled the overall personality.

The overall flow was also nicely done. There are quieter parts and obviously louder parts in this track. Everything flowed together quite nicely.

What added a little extra in this track is the somewhat subtle bell melody that appears off and on in this track. I thought that just helped take this track over the top.

Overall, this is a fantastic track. It’s proof that a great trance track doesn’t necessarily have to just be about uplifting emotions. A highly recommended track to say the least.


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