Review: Enya – May it Be (Ambient)

This review covers the ambient track Enya – May it Be.

This track was released in 2001 as part of a single. It also made an appearance on the soundtrack for the movie The Lord of the Rings – Fellowship of the Rings.

The track starts off with strings. The vocals then come in with the main chorus. From there, the vocals then slips into the Elvish language for a period of time.

The vocals then go into the main chorus after a moment of pause. From there, the vocals go into the next chorus. Some of it is in English while other parts are in Elvish. There is a harp element that is subtle amidst the strings. After that, the track then fades out.

Without a doubt, those vocals are easily the strongest point in the track. This is the kind of quality I hear in the best vocal trance tracks around and yet it is found here instead. Whether they are singing English of Elvish, they sound excellent. A very impressive thing to hear.

The synth strings that back the vocals are pretty good. They do soothingly come in and out of the track nicely. A subtle harp being in there as well does add some nice texture to the overall sound.

One thing I’m not so sure about is the fact that those three elements are the only things that play throughout the track. I would have liked to have heard the inclusion of something else to give this track a sense of progression.

Still, this is a great track. The vocals really win me over with this. The fact that the vocals are able to sing both English and Elvish is a really nice touch. With that, the harp and strings back the track nicely. Unfortunately, there isn’t much giving the track a nice sense of progression. Still, what is there is great and well worth listening to.


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