Review: Ellis Vanghoul – Blood for my Vampire (Psytrance)

This review covers the psytrance track Ellis Vanghoul – Blood for my Vampire.

This track was released in 2006 as part of the album Violent Energy.

One thing that caught my attention in this track was that the bassline is slightly lower pitched then what I’ve heard in plenty of other tracks. I wouldn’t have thought the pitch would help give the impression of blood, but something about that works.

Another interesting element is the samples that are thrown around in this track. It’s not just the samples of someone sounding like a vampire (which is disturbingly well done by the way), but also the subtle other sounds like the clattering of chains as well. It really makes me think vampires in this case.

The occasional melodies also really helped make this an interesting track. A lot of less common sounds are employed here that make this a unique listening experience.

There is a point of criticism I have for this track and it’s a point I never really thought would b a negative for a track. Part way through the track, rock music is thrown in. In a lot of tracks I’ve heard, this can add an interesting dynamic to the track that makes it that much better. In this case, the rock didn’t really fit that well. This track would have definitely been better without it because when I heard it, I asked myself, “What is that doing in here?” Plenty of things would have been better and if it was replaced with a pipe organ sound, it would have been an improvement over what is currently in there.

Still, I would say there is plenty to enjoy in this track. The sound effects, the groaning voice samples, the melodies, and the flow all work very well. If you see past the rock element, it’s a great track. Because of the rock element, however, I will have to deduct a bit from the score because it’s so jarring and out of place. Might add an interesting audio component for Halloween parties.


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