Review: E-Dancer – Pump The Move (Techno)

This review covers the techno track E-Dancer – Pump The Move.

This track was released in 1991 along with the track Grab the Beat (Joey Beltram Remix).

The track starts with a filtered hi hat along with a few other percussion sounds. The kick then comes in shortly after. Shortly after, some synths come in. An addition of chopped vocal samples are added over top right after that. The filtered hi hat then fades away for a moment before coming back in.

Some of the elements gradually fade out, leaving only the synth melody. The synth melody is then swapped out with the chopped voice sample. Gradually, a secondary melody fades in and is built up with the return of the filtered hi hat. The melody then fades away and the voice sample is what is left after.

The first melody then comes back, layering itself with the other remaining elements in the track. After that, the track gradually fades out.

This is probably my first taste of early 90’s electronic music. So, it is a bit of a different sound than I’m used to up to this point. For me, a positive thing is that the elements that are there are pretty decent. The only thing I will say is that the melodies do seem a bit repetitive. It’s like only one loop could play over and over again with no real variances in the notes.

The way the track transitions from one section to another is pretty decent. What I like the most is how interchangeable the different elements are. You can have melody 1 and melody 2 overlap. It’s easy to have one of the melodies overlap the chopped vocals. As an added bonus, this track makes full use of this as it transitions from one part to another.

Generally speaking, I’d say this track isn’t bad. The melodies go get a little on the repetitive side as it is very evidently looped. Still, the way they are interchanged throughout the track is pretty nice. So, not bad in my view.


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