Review: Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith – Big Tings (ft. Skibadee) (Drum N’ Bass)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the Drum N’ Bass track Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith – Big Tings (ft. Skibadee).

This particular track was released in 2005 and was released along with the track Killa DJ.

While this track starts off with the standard fare drum n bass sound, the track quickly veers into a very grungy and urban feel with the borderline rap sound featured in the vocals. For me, this is the kind of track you want to throw on the shades, don the backwards cap, and roll through town in a big fancy car. Gold chain optional.

One thing that is notable is that wub wub sound drum n bass is often known for – these days, second only to modern dubstep. In my opinion, a track that features this predominantly runs a very high risk of either sounding like garbage, sounding too elite to be approachable, or both. This track manages to avoid this altogether because of the large variances in the bassline combined with a sort of progressive subtle melody thrown in.

A problem I find with this track is that some of the lyrics veer into being unintelligible. It’s hard to really tell what the vocals are saying, however, one must also note the overall tone this track is trying to achieve. There’s an overall energy that has that confidence and testosterone infused with lowered inhibitions fueled by alcohol. So, unintelligible lyrics does make sense in this case.

Personally, the overall soundscape found in this track was well done. The mix of sound does an incredibly good job of filling silence to the point where I want to crank the music. My big concern with this track is that, after a few listens, this track does have that edge of having a generic sound. Unfortunately, I think that causes this track to gradually lose its shine over time. Still, if you’ve never heard this track before, it’s certainly worth a listen. In the end, it’s a good track all around.



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