Review: Dougal – Stare (Out Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Dougal – Stare (Out Mix).

This track was released in 1994 as part of a single.

The track starts with a kick and a bassline. A squeak and a plane sample come in. A clap is then added. Then, a snare is added. A synth melody comes in. From there, a secondary synth melody joins in on the track, layering with the first. An additional melody comes in.

From there, a sort of drop comes in where the drum kit drops out. A 303 synth melody comes in to build the track up. A clap aids in the buildup. From there, a snare helps build the track up.

Another drop hits, leaving only some pads and a synth melody. The snare comes back along with the kick. After that, the BPM slows way down. Several elements are in there as the BPM is gradually boosted to go faster and faster. A snare roll then comes in and the BPM stops getting boosted.

The track then drops again as the drum kit save for the clap is left over along with some synth melodies. The kick then returns along with an additional appearance of the plane sample. After this, the rest of the trance drum kit returns, but then drops away. A snare roll leads most of the track out. After that, a synth melody leads the track out.

One thing I did find interesting about the track is the BPM boost. There is the odd track here and there that changes the BPM. It’s typically just jumping from one speed to the other and often back to the previous speed. One thing I found in listening to music is that it’s not often you see a full fledged BPM boost where the BPM is gradually sped up. It’s especially so when there is an interesting melody that makes the whole process interesting. So, that got a thumbs up from me.

The melodies found in the track are decent enough. They are enough to build the track and keep things somewhat interesting, but nothing more then that.

Overall, this is a decent enough track. The melodies and buildup are interesting. The BPM boost made this track quite interesting. So, an overall decent track.


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