Review: DJ Jean – The Launch (Trance)

This review covers the trance track DJ Jean – The Launch.

This track was released in 1999 as part of a single.

The track starts with some claps, high hats, and a snare. A kick joins in as well as some other percussion sounds. After an extra set of snares, a bassline comes in. Some sweeps are then used. A cheering crowd then gradually comes in.

In the next section, most of the elements drop, but a synth melody comes in that is backed by some cheering. Some high hats and claps also join. The main melody then is layered with an additional synth. A snare roll comes in before a voice sample makes a countdown.

The main melody stalls, then the track kicks into high gear with all the elements coming together. One thing worth noting is the fact that the main melody largely sits in the half note positions. This is somewhat different then a sidechained effect because a sidechained effect largely keeps certain elements playing. In this case, the actual notes are simply divided up accordingly.

From there, the main melody ends and some filtered drum kit continues the track with the cheering. After another couple of snares, the main melody returns with the voice sample. The main melody stalls before a couple of snare hits takes the track back into the main part of the track again.

After this, the main melody goes away. A sweep comes in to take a few more elements out of the track. From there, the track continues to break down. When the track ends, the cheering is faded out.

This is one of those tracks that constantly plays at sporting events like hockey arena’s. A lot of people might not know the track’s artists or name, but will recognize the track if they go to certain professional sporting events. It’s pretty ubiquitous even to this day.

One good thing about this track is the main melody. It is very simply, but very effective. The main melody gives such an energy to the track. It’s also great because the melody features a stall feature that isn’t always used in music in general. This track uses it very well and it transitions from one part of the track to another very effectively with this effect.

The track also has a very good flow. The voice sample and extra snares actually work very well to help give this track a nice flow. So, there is some great quality there.

Overall, this is a great track. It features a great melody, good flow, and delivers a quality music production experience. A very famous track and certainly a track worth listening to in my view.


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