Review: DJ Fresh – Nervous (Drum N Bass)

This review covers the drum n bass track DJ Fresh – Nervous.

This track was released in 2006 on the album Escape from Planet Monday.

The track starts off with some higher pitched vocals with some reverberation added to it. Some pads then come in to back the vocals which go less lyrical. The drum n bass drum kit comes in along with a synth melody. Some electric guitars then come into the background. Some voice samples make an appearance. After that, the main vocals continue on along with an increased presence of the electric guitars.

The main vocals then go through a main chorus. This is backed by a more complex electric guitar. After this, the main synth makes a return, ping ponging back and forth with the electric guitar. Some bassline then sticks out along with some synth effects. The track then drops as the vocals make a brief appearance.

From there, the electric guitar continues in a sort of guitar solo. From there, the vocals make another brief appearance before the snare starts rolling. Some synths make an appearance again. Secondary vocals make an appearance, serving a verse. The track then builds back up. This section is capped off with some more electric guitars and the drum n bass drum kit. Some subtle synth strings make an appearance here.

In the next section, the main vocals come back for another round of the main chorus. Again, this is backed by several elements including the electric guitar. After this, the other vocals make a brief appearance with some synth melody hitting the track. Some bassline and synth effects make an appearance after.

In the next section, one of the vocals makes an appearance again, but some synth strings take a much larger role in the track. When the vocals make another appearance, a synth leads the track out.

While I am not 100% about the higher pitched vocals, the other vocals actually sound very good. Both the main chorus and verse vocals sound quite good.

Another thing I like about the track is the fact that it blends elements of rock and drum n bass. This is always a combination that has potential in my head. This one executes the combination quite well. The synth melodies that accompany the track also sound very good.

Overall, this is a great track well worth listening to. It blends rock and drum n bass into a very solid sounding track. The vocals, for the most part, sound very good. The electric guitar also sound nicely done. I also like the synth melodies that accompanies everything else. Everything just came together very well. So, a great track in the end.


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