Review: DJ Eco Pres. Pacheco – Staring At The Sea (Masoud Remix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track DJ Eco Pres. Pacheco – Staring At The Sea (Masoud Remix).

This track was released in 2010 along with the original mix.

The track starts with a fairly standard sweep effect and a four to the floor kick. After a bit, a synth comes in along with a bassline. The changes start to pick up as an additional synth that would later serve as the main melody comes in. After a bit, the track hits a pseudo drop.

From there, the main melody keeps going and is eventually joined in with a piano backing it. The track then breaks down gradually, leaving only the piano element. The drop actually gradually comes in more so than normal trance tracks that I’ve heard. When the piano ends,the track is left with some string synth.

The track starts to build back up with a piano and even a very subtle synth that almost sounds like bagpipes for a brief moment. A secondary melody then comes in to help build the track up. The main melody then gradually comes back into the track. A clap then joins the track, setting up for the final buildup. More elements join in the track before a slow snare roll and repeated synth notes. The build-up ends with a single synth and a broken up mute effect.

When the track kicks into high gear, the main melody takes over. This is gradually joined by the secondary melody. After a while, an effect ends the secondary melody, leaving some repeating notes from the primary melody. This too fades away. After this, the track goes into the final breakdown.

At first, I thought this is going to be a relatively straight forward track with nothing too much to make it stand out. A number of elements do come fairly standard in a progressive trance track. Of course, this was a wrong assumption because the main melody really took this track to a whole new level. While the main melody is somewhat simple in the grand scheme of things, it is also incredibly effective. The backing piano does end up helping to elevate the track even though the piano is something of an effect in the grand scheme of things.

I was ready to give this one an extremely high score because, although it could’ve used something to take it over the top, what is already there is certainly sufficient for me to be happy. All that changed when I heard the secondary melody. At that point, I thought, OK, this is going to somehow take this track over the top and make this a spectacular one. In a very anti-climactic twist, the secondary wound up just not working all that well. During the buildup, it winds up being kind of off base with the main melody. A very long “no” played through my mind at that point. While the secondary appearance isn’t so bad, it doesn’t make the track a whole lot better either. As a result, this is one of those tracks that had it, then lost it with one element that just spoiled it for me.

Still, there is so much going for the track. The secondary melody does show up in limited sections. I so desperately wanted to give this track a much higher score, but I will have to settle for a very good score instead. The main melody took this track to the next level. With such a great breakdown and buildup, this track had everything going for it. Once the secondary melody kicks in, that’s when the greatness seems to just get intercepted. While still a very good track, one lousy decision did ruin things by quite a bit.


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