Review: DJ Aligator Project – The Whistle Song (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track DJ Aligator Project – The Whistle Song.

This track was released in 2000 on the album Payback Time.

The track starts with the reverberating vocals as well as a sports whistle sound. The track builds up with a synth, bassline, and a synth melody. Eventually, the main synth melody becomes the main part of the sound.

After this, the track then puts emphasis on the vocals. Unexpectedly, the track features a record scratch and some regular whistling with the LP crackle. After another record scratch, there is a snare roll. The vocals continue and the sounds from the earlier portions of the track return.

The sports whistle goes away and the main synth melody returns. Eventually, the track does pull back and shows off a second synth melody. This is backed by the sports whistle and the vocals. Eventually, the track comes back, but with an altered main synth melody and vocals. Eventually, the track starts to break down and the vocals lead the track back out.

Even by today’s standards, this track has a pretty unique sound to it. Some of the backing synth really gives this track a rough sound which is not like standard trance tracks. What I also like is the use of the actual sports whistle. Until I heard this song, I never thought that something could not only be so musical, but also be usable in such a prominent fashion. It’s quite unexpected and, honestly, creative.

Another thing about this track are the vocals. They work nicely in this track. What I also like is the fact that the lyrics are creative. Yes, they are suggestive, but they are suggestive in a rather creative manner.

Generally speaking, this is a great track. The vocals are well done and the lyrics are creative. The use of a sports whistle is used quite well here too. So, an overall great track.


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