Review: D.J. Miko – Sky High (House)

This review covers the eurohouse track D.J. Miko – Sky High.

This track was released in 1999 on the album The Last Millennium. It should be noted that this is actually a remix of a track from a 197’s track by Jigsaw. This track was also made famous by making an appearance as an abbreviated version on the game Dance Dance Revolution Solo.

The track starts with a guitar element and some vocals. This part quickly fades out and is left with some synth and piano elements. From here, the track starts to build up with some tom’s and kick elements. After this, there is a four to the floor element that is accompanied by some synth melodies.

At this point, the vocals come in. It doesn’t take long before the track then goes into the main chorus. This is backed by some nicely done key elements along with some synth melodies. The main chorus ends with a snare roll.

From there, the track goes into a synth section. Eventually, all there is is the single synth melody. After a high hat, the vocals make a return going into another verse. This leads into another main chorus with a sweep effect. There is a snare roll before the main chorus repeats again. A boom effect hits and the track goes into a more instrumental and synth section.

Ultimately, this proves to be a false ending as some synths come in. Everything fades out and the vocals take over. The vocals fade away and some synth builds the track back up. At this point, the main chorus takes over again. The track then starts to fade out with the vocals leading the track out.

One thing I really like about this track is the energy this mix brings to the original track. The dance elements really did turn an otherwise slow track into a high energy and enthusiastic one.

Another interesting thing about this track is the fact that the track is revoiced. The voicework also has some light vocoding filters added to them. When they are more prominent, they actually give the vocals a nice variety. When they are less audible, they allow the vocals to have a very nice natural sound to them. Both variations work quite well and it’s nice to see them both work together nicely in a single track.

The synths also work well. They give the track a nice upbeat energy. Although they are quite simple by today’s standards, they really do hold their own. What also elevates the track are the guitar elements and dance keys. Both really give this track a nice touch.

Probably the only minor problem I have with this track is the false ending. Sometimes a false ending can be creative and interesting. In this case, it only serves to extend the track and nothing else. It’s like the producer ran out of music, but wanted to extend the track anyway and this was the only way the producer could do so. Still, this is a minor nitpick for me.

Overall, this is a great track. It takes a very old track and turns it into a high energy and uplifting house track. The synths work well. I also like the keys and guitar elements that were added as well. While the false ending is a little bit off, this still is ultimately a great track.


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