Review: Culture Beat – Mr Vain (Pop)

This review covers the pop track Culture Beat – Mr Vain.

This track was released in 1993 on the album Serenity.

The track starts of with a synth melody. A kick then comes in. The bassline also joins in after this. A lead hat also comes in before a reverse cymbal hits.

The vocals come in, kicking off the main chorus. The vocals end with a delay effect, leaving a drum kit and a bassline. From there, the rap vocals come in. This section ends with the main synth melody.

From there, the main chorus comes in again. This is backed by the main synth melody. It is also joined by some string synths on top of it all. This section is capped off with some extra vocals from the singer.

In the next section, the rap vocals make a return. This section ends with the main synth melody coming in. The main chorus comes in again. The main chorus ends with a secondary plucked synth melody which is a reflection of the main synth melody. This is backed by some string synths.

After this, the main chorus comes back in again without the main synths. After this, the main chorus repeats, but with all of the main synth melodies and effects in full force again. The track then breaks down with the main chorus repeating. The track leads out with a delay effect on the main vocals.

This is one of those tracks, for me, that I completely forgot about. The second I heard it again, I instantly recognized it. This is in part thanks to a very memorable main chorus. With the synths backing it, it just ends up being incredibly catchy.

The rap sections are alright. They are backed by some nicely done synths. In addition, they do add some variety to the track.

Overall, this is a very well produced track. It has a lot of great elements and a few pretty decent elements as well. I like the main chorus and the variety of synths. A very good catchy track.


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