Review: Culture Beat – Inside Out (Mikado Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Culture Beat – Inside Out (Mikado Mix).

This track was released in 1995 as a single.

The track starts with a synth pad. The male vocals come in with a delay effect. A drum hit comes in. The male vocals continue on with the verse. After two kicks, the female vocals come in.

After a snare roll, everything drops out. A synth melody comes in. The kick and bassline comes in. High hats also join the track. From there, an additional synth melody comes in. A snare roll then comes in.

A number of elements drop out before the male vocals come back in for another verse. After that, a synth melody comes in after the vocals drop out.

In the next section, the synth pads come back as the female vocals sing out the next round in the main chorus. A cymbal crash then comes in and almost everything drops out.

A synth, the only thing left, plays out. A second synth comes in. The drum kit then returns. After that, one of the synths drop out, replacing that with the synth pads. An additional synth melody comes in. The male vocals then come back, repeating some of the lyrics from the first verse. A snare roll comes back and the track gradually breaks down one final time.

Some of the synths are decent enough. The pads are probably the best part about this track, though some of the melodies are pretty decent as well.

The dynamic play of the male and female vocals work pretty well.

My problem with the track is that the lyrics seem a bit forced. This is especially true with the male vocals. The female vocals are a bit on the repetitive side in my view.

Overall, this is an OK track, but nothing huge. It’s got some good synths and the dynamics of the male and female vocals work quite well. It’s unfortunate that the lyrics are either a bit repetitive or simply forces. So, a fairly average track in the end.


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