Review: Course of Nature – Wall of Shame (Rock)

This review covers the hard rock track Course of Nature – Wall of Shame.

This track was released in 2002 on the album Superkala. The track also appears in the game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2.

The track starts with a brief set of snares and kicks. After this, a small guitar solo builds the track up into a verse. There are brief moments where the vocals are filtered as well. After this, the track then goes into the main chorus.

From there, the track has a brief instrumental section. This bridges the track into the next verse. There are some more acoustic elements in the guitar that make brief appearances here. After this, the track goes back into a main chorus.

After this, the track goes into a nice sizable guitar solo. Given the slower tempo, it only makes sense that the solo is merely slower notes. Quite fitting as far as I’m concerned. From there, the track goes into one final main chorus. The track is capped off with a brief instrumental section, ending with a couple of snare hits.

One thing that I think works with this track is the guitars. Do they stand out as unique? Not really. Still, they are more tried and tested and fits the track well. Some of the higher notes that are sprinkled throughout adds a nice touch, though.

Another positive is the vocal talent found here. While they can, at times, seem to just start to drown out from the guitars, they manage to stay above the surface and remain nicely articulate. No real meaning is lost as a result.

I think the guitar solo works very well. It balances the track out quite nicely and gives the track an overall satisfying sound.

Overall, this is a very good track. The vocals work well and the guitars are nicely done. The guitar solo very nicely brings the track together. Don’t have a whole lot to complain about in this track. A very nicely produced track overall.


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