Review: Cosmorot – Electro Swing (Electro Swing)

This review covers the electro swing track Cosmorot – Electro Swing.

It is unclear what year this track was released, it was officially released. It was likely released in 2015, but it isn’t clear in the post.

The track starts off with a filtered white noise effect. A stringed element is added before some additional brass elements are added.

The track deviates from brass elements to more stringed elements. It more or less wafts back and forth between emphasizing both elements. It does eventually deliver a drop before building up again. The brass is what brings the track through the buildup. A different melody is used in the brass after the buildup.

After this, the track continues wafting back and forth between string emphasis and brass emphasis, but it ultimately ends on the brass emphasis.

One thing I like about the track is that it nails a rather interesting mood. This mood can be described as light-hearted mischievousness. The light-heartedness comes from the electro swing based elements which seems inherent with this genre. Meanwhile, the shortened notes in the brass offers that tinge of mischievousness. As a result, it really gives a nice sound that seems somewhat unique.

What I will say is that the string elements do break up the track rather nicely. There is nothing wrong with the element in and of itself. The only thing I question is if it totally fits with the overall mood the rest of the track portrays. With this element, I get a relaxed mid-afternoon fun in the sun type of mood. I’m not entirely sure it fits perfectly with the rest of the track. It’s good and I think it works quite well, it’s the fit I’m not entirely sure on.

Generally speaking, this is a pretty solid track. If you are looking for something a little different to listen to that is somewhat happier in nature, this track does fit that bill pretty well. While there is a soft question mark I have on the stringed elements, it still is a nice track to listen to. A track definitely worth a listen.


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