Review: Chicane Featuring Maire Brennan Of Clannad – Saltwater (Tomski vs. Disco Citizens Remix) (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Chicane Featuring Maire Brennan Of Clannad – Saltwater (Tomski vs. Disco Citizens Remix).

This track was released in 1999 as part of a single.

The track starts with a kick with heavy reverb. A couple of high hats are also present. A clap is also present, occasionally with a sliced stutter effect. The rest of the drum kit joins the track. After that, a synth melody is added. The bassline is also added to the track. A few percussion elements is added.

From there, a synth string is added. This element has a few subtle slide notes added to it. The drop then hits, leaving just the synth string. Other pads are added as well. A subtle vocal briefly makes an appearance here.

After a clap, an arp-like synth melody is added to the track, gradually fading in. The vocals make a few brief appearances. The vocals then start making a bigger presence in the track. A few cymbal crashes make an appearance. The rest of the drum kit fills in and the main vocals continue. These main vocals are backed by some less audible backup vocals. A secondary synth melody then makes an appearance to compliment the arp-like synth. A snare roll then makes an appearance.

The vocal elements and synth melodies drop out. After a bit, the initial synth melody returns. A synth hit makes an appearance. After a synth effect, the pads make a return. The vocals also gradually make a return. An additional synth melody makes a temporary appearance. The track then largely drops from there.

The arp-like synth makes a return. A few synth pads gradually make a return. The vocals also make a gradual return. After a few cymbal crashes and a snare roll, the vocals repeat a main chorus. A short snare roll makes a brief return. After a few filtered sweeps, the vocals and most of the pads drop out.

The breakdown features large portions of the drum kit and the bassline. A simple synth melody fades in a little before fading back out. A somewhat stuttered clap then leads the track out.

This is one of those tracks that definitely has a lot of the right ideas for creating a great sounding track. One standout feature is the vocals. They work quite well and give the track a very pleasant and smooth sound. My only real complaint with them is the fact that the mastering makes some of the lyrics less then audible.

Complimenting the track is some nice melodies. They help give this track a nice sense of progression.

In addition to this, the synth pads really add to the overall smooth sound throughout the track. They make the track very nice to listen to.

Overall, this is a solid track. It hits a lot of the right notes. It has vocals that give this track a nice pleasant sound. The synth melodies are pretty solid. Also, the pads give this track a nice smooth polish to the overall sound. My only real complaint is that the mastering made the lyrics less then audible. Still, a pleasant track to listen to and a solid one all around.


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