Review: Brooklyn Bounce – The Real Bass (DJ Quicksilver Remix) (House)

This review covers the progressive house track Brooklyn Bounce – The Real Bass (DJ Quicksilver remix).

This track was released in 1997 as part of a single.

The track starts with a filtered kick and a voice sample. A rim shot joins the track along with a synth effect. Voice samples get longer as a high hat joins the track. A kick joins the track along with an altered high hat. After a brief pause where the voice sample briefly takes over, the bassline hits.

From there, another synth effect joins the track. After that, the voice sample basically evolves into vocals. After that, a synth melody replaces the vocals. The synth effects also make a return at this point. After a brief vocal, the track gradually breaks down somewhat. A snare roll then hits the track.

The drop then hits. All that’s left is a synth melody and a synth effect backed by the vocals. That second high hat returns as a secondary melody also joins the track. The rim shot then returns as the snare roll gradually builds the back up. From there, the vocals make one more brief appearance before the bassline, synths, and drum kit take over. The kick briefly ducks out of the track part way through. A snare roll then hits again.

After that, the synth melodies largely drop out, leaving the rest of the track and the return of the vocals. At the end, the vocals repeat multiple times. Gradually, the track breaks down again, leaving the kick and a synth. After a bit, the high hat and a synth melody is all that’s left. A clap then joins the track and the synth effect rejoins the track.

At that point, a brief vocal hits and the synth melodies take over backed by the drum kit and synth effect. After a bit, the synth melodies drop out. A filtered kick hits and some more elements gradually drop out. The vocal makes one last appearance, leading the track out.

It’s pretty obvious that the deep vocals is what stands out in this track. Not only does it amplify the theme of the track, but also offers a somewhat unique sound as well.

While the vocals do give this track a unique sound, the track doesn’t necessarily depend exclusively on it. Offsetting the vocals are the nicely done synth melodies. This gives the track a nice amount of variety as well.

Additionally, the drum kit helps offer some flow. While elements do come and go, giving this track a nice sense of progression, the drum kit also helps amplify the sense of progression throughout.

Overall, it’s very hard for me to come up with any negatives for this track. It has a nice unique sound through the vocals. The synth melodies gives the track a good amount of variety. Also, the flow works nicely. So, I’d say this is a great track all around.


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