Review: Brookes Brothers Ft. Chrom3 – Carry Me On (Club Mix) (Drum N Bass)

This review covers the liquid drum n bass track Brookes Brothers Ft. Chrom3 – Carry Me On (Club Mix).

This track was released in 2013 along with three other versions.

The track starts with a gentle guitar before some vocals come in. A brass instrument is also used to give some dimension to the overall sound. It was a pretty good intro that sets up the rest of the track nicely.

The vocals could be described as fairly laid back and gently motivating. The delay effects thrown in also helped give this track along. Overall, they worked quite well.

The brass elements served as a sort of main melody that was generally layered over top of the vocal portions of the track. They acted as an audio counterbalance to the vocals which worked quite well in adding variety to the overall sound.

The bassline was well textured, giving the track a subtle grittiness sound. It hit some good notes and helped give the track energy.

The snare was certainly shorter than what I’ve been used to hearing in a drum n bass track. It has that power that I can expect in the drum n bass track, but it also wasn’t overwhelming in any way either.

Overall, this was a very good track. It has a nice intro, great vocals, and nice brass that served as a melody. The bassline added energy and was well textured to give the track some grit to the overall sound. A track that definitely deserves a thumbs up.


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