Review: Bodylotion – Wanna Freak You (Hardcore)

This review covers the gabber hardcore track Bodylotion – Wanna Freak You.

This track was released in 2002 on the Neighbourhood Crime EP which includes the tracks Neighbourhood Crime and Massive.

This track has an interesting start. It sounds like it starts off with what sounds like a press conference of some artist before it goes into a regular hardcore sound. I thought the intro was creative, though the beginning does end up being a little drawn out.

The track really gets interesting when the guitar solo-like sound kicks in. While not the first hardcore track that I’ve heard with a guitar, I thought it worked quite well. The way the track then gradually builds into the main melody was quite nicely done.

I thought the breakdown part way through was a bit sudden, but the track does build up nicely to a decent hardcore sound. It does fade back out a bit quickly, but it wasn’t bad the second time around.

Overall, there are definitely elements that make this track great. The guitar and the main melody worked well for this track. There were a few moments of this track being a littel drawn out and having a sudden stop and start, but this track is still worth listening to. Generally speaking, this track was a very good listen.


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