Review: Bad Religion – Inner Logic (Rock)

This review covers the punk rock track Bad Religion – Inner Logic.

This track was released in 1994 on the album Stranger Than Fiction. This track also makes an appearance in the Sega Dreamcast game, Crazy Taxi.

One great feature of this track is the vocal work. I thought it added an interesting punk rock sound.

Another excellent feature that made this track stand out was the guitar solo. I thought it added so much to the track even though it was seemingly so simple.

The backup vocals also added a fair bit to the track in terms of giving it a certain amount of dimension.

The only part of this track that loses me a bit was the lyrics. I think it’s a commentary on acceptance of conformity, but I wasn’t entirely sure on that. Still, in this case, it didn’t detract from the overall track too much.

So, really, this was a great track to listen to. Even though the lyrics are a bit confusing, it has nice vocal work, a great guitar solo, and good overall flow in spite of how short it was.


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