Review: Ascenzion – Premonitions (Ambient)

This review covers the ambient track Ascenzion – Premonitions.

This track was released in 2015 online for free.

This track really started off strong with the intro. I thought there was a lot going for it with the synth intro. It really said productivity to me.

The piano that was then brought in could have been backed off a little. I thought it kind of crashed into the sound the way it was brought in, disrupting the overall vibes briefly.

One thing going for this track is the fact that it changes things up from time to time, so no one thing gets overly repetitive.

Things do get a bit noisy on the second half of the track – a bit too much for my taste when it comes to ambient. Surprisingly, the piano was, in fact, backed off so it wasn’t so bad as the first part of the track. Unfortunately, the track ends almost as if it was getting cut off. That was a bit of a letdown for me as I was expecting some sort of breakdown instead of just a sudden note and the track ending.

There are elements in this track that make me think this could have been a great track. Unfortunately, mastering seems to have been a bit of an issue for this track as some elements needed to be brought back a bit. The ending wasn’t the greatest in the world either. So, it was a neat track to listen to, but I don’t think it is something I would listen to too many times before going on to something else.


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