Review: Adam Nickey – In Motion (Andy Blueman Remix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Adam Nickey – In Motion (Andy Blueman Remix).

This track was released in 2009 on a remix EP with the track Callista (Stoneface & Terminal Remix).

One of the elements that starts from close to the beginning is the chords. The chords, while simple, adds a nice rhythm to the track.

The secondary chords towards the beginning adds a nice subtle melody to the track. An interesting element to say the least.

The female vocal samples really helped make this track great. They really add a great amount of emotion to the track.

The piano melody added a nice effect to it. While not a full-fledged melody before the breakdown, it added a nice touch to the track.

The synth pads and strings during the breakdown really backed the vocals nicely. The inclusion of piano and synth melodies helped carry the track through, giving the track a rather deep emotional base.

The buildup was quite powerful as the backup melody gradually takes over. When the climactic portion of the track takes hold, this track really shows how great it sound can be. The returning elements from the previous portion of the track really added a nice amount of depth.

Overall, this track has great melodies, very nice vocal samples, great pads and strings, great emotion, and great flow and rhythm throughout. Definitely a great one to say the least.


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