Review: A.T.P. – Driftations (Marninx Dedicated Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track A.T.P. – Driftations (Marninx Dedicated Mix).

This track was released in 2007 along with 4 other versions.

One prominent feature of this track was the melody. The way it melts in right after the breakdown before evolving into the main meat of the track was nicely done. The overall melody was also a neat thing to hear in and of itself.

Another major element was the arpeggio that is featured towards the beginning of the track really adds an element of power to the overall sound. The fact that it was re-introduced towards the end really helped capitalize on a sort of climax of this track.

The bassline also added a lot of structure to this track. Given how much is happening in this track, this was a great element to add.

I also thought the way the track broke down was also nicely done. Some tracks I hear don’t have a well thought out ending, but this track really had a well produced ending as it gradually slips out with the ever-changing cutoff frequency of the main arpeggio.

Overall, this was an excellent track. A real auditory treat as far as I’m concerned.


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