Review: 4 Voice – Eternal Spirit (Northern Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the trance track 4 Voice – Eternal Spirit (Northern Mix).

This track was released in 1993 as part of a single.

The track starts off with a couple of synth effects. A subtle appearance of the main synth melody makes an appearance. From there, the bassline appears. A kick then makes an appearance to build the track up. From there, a 303-like synth makes an appearance. Some high hats come into the track. A snare helps build the track up. After a few snare rolls, the main synth melody gradually comes into the track. This is layered with an additional synth with an automated filter added to it.

After a snare roll, the track drops, leaving just a secondary synth melody. A bassline joins in. After that, some high hats make an appearance. The 303-like bassline comes back as well. From there, the track gradually builds up again with various elements making returns bit by bit. The main synth melody also makes a return. A brief drop comes in before some synths change things up and continue along with the main synth melody playing underneath. A number of elements then gradually drop out again.

The secondary main synth melody then returns. After some build up, both melodies then start to play out. Several elements then drop out, leaving just the secondary melody to lead the track out.

One thing I like about the track is the main melody. It works very well to define the track in its own way.

Another element I like is the secondary melody. It really gives the track a nice dimension. Even when layered with the main melody, it still sounds quite good.

The drops also give the track a nice variety. They keep things interesting from beginning to end.

Overall, this is a very solid track. It’s got a great main synth melody and secondary melody. The other elements help make this track an interesting one to listen to. The drops give the track a nice variety. So, a well done track all around.


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