Reciew: Gordon Geco – Tahiti Lounge (Downtempo)

This review covers the downtempo track Gordon Geco – Tahiti Lounge.

It is unclear when this track was released. What we do know, however, is that this track was available for free online streaming at one point.

The track starts off with a piano element. This element gradually comes in and brings along some faint unintelligible voices in the background. After this, the track brings in some automated synth pads.

The track fully takes off when the drumkit comes into play. A few other effects are added in the process to give this track a little dimension. The overall feel of this track winds up being a very relaxed sound with a bit of lounge influence.

Eventually, the track does drop off with very few effects. This gives the track a brief break part way through before coming back with another round of being in full gear. One thing to keep in mind is that the piano portions aren’t just a couple of notes that repeat over and over. You might expect some theme and variation in tracks like this, but in this case, it follows on a more classical and more progressive pattern.

Towards the end, there is the inclusion of a sliding synth. This synth has a nice delay effect which is probably necessary considering this synth has a bit of resonance going for it. With the delay effect, it keeps it from stealing the show with too much energy. In this case, you wouldn’t want that because there is a lot of effort to keep this a nice relaxed track. So, the effect is definitely a good call as far as I’m concerned.

For me, probably the only fault I can find in this track is the fact that the ending was a bit too quick for me. It ends with the secondary synth hitting its last notes and the track quickly falls off. I would have liked to have heard some of those nicely done synth pads lead the track out after. Since it’s such an easy fix, I’m surprised the producer didn’t opt to go this rout.

Overall, this is a very solid track. If you want something that incorporates a very well realized piano element, this track is certainly a good candidate. The piano gives this otherwise very downtempo track a bit of a lounge flavour. The synth pads give this track a very relaxed sound and the synth at the end to give this track a secondary melody helps keep this track an evolving one from beginning to end. Besides the somewhat quick ending, there really isn’t a whole lot to criticize this track. A very good listen.


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