The Realworld’s Real Return?

Known for being a large resource of eDonkey2000 links for TV shows, “The-RealWorld” makes it’s return to the Internet for another round.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

This time however, they plan on being an information resource for TV shows.

The RealWorld, now known as Episode World, is trying to make a return as a resource website. A while ago, Slyck reported that was shut down due to legal pressure.

Wuff, administrator of the now “EpisodeWorld” website, announced:

“If you’re searching for a new page to get all your TV-Show and episode information and/or are unhappy with the new or the old, then head over to [episodeworld]”

Of course no longer offering eDonkey2000 links, the site may offer an important supplement to many in the P2P world. Those looking for TV show episodes in order to complete their collections will find this site useful for researching episode titles, episode numbers, plot lines, etc. If EpisodeWorld can build the same community and resources as did under The RealWorld, this new venture may become a top contender in its genera.

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