Public Forum on Internet Filtering This Monday in Australia

Internet filtering on the ISP level has been taking hold in some countries around the world. While not as widespread as the so-called “Three Strikes and Your Out” proposals against unauthorized file-sharing, the internet filtering for many digital rights advocates remains to be an important issue. This is why a public forum on the internet filtering debate could shape up to be a very interesting event for many observers.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

If the topic of internet filtering is of interest to you and you find yourself in Melbourne Australia at 6:30PM this Monday, you can head on down to Federation Square where a public forum will be held on the issue. Senator Scott Ludlam of the Australian Greens, Michael Flood, a sociologist and Colin Jacobs of the Electronic Frontiers Australia will be the speakers for the event. More information on the forum can be found at the Electronic Frontiers Australia website.

There will be many questions to be discussed including whether or not Australia should implement mandatory web filters to block porn, whether internet filters are inevitable and whether or not there are better ways to regulate the internet. Let’s hope this will forum will be recorded and posted online so the whole world can benefit from it.

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