Privacy Laws Tightening in 9 Different States in the US

With so many data leaks and breaches happening, it seems that governments at the state level have had enough. Privacy laws in 9 different states are being tightened.

Data leaks and breaches seem to happen almost on a daily basis. While it gives reporters like us something significant to talk about, for privacy advocates, the question gradually becomes, “When is it finally going to be the case of enough is enough?”

While there isn’t much action at all at the federal level, it seems that governments at the state level aren’t waiting around anymore. Privacy laws are being tightened in 9 different states in different ways. From Data Protection Report:

Illinois (SB 1624) – Illinois proposes notification requirements to the Attorney General

Maine (LD 946) – Maine places new restrictions on internet service providers (ISPs)

Maryland (HB 1154) – Maryland imposes new requirements on entities following a security breach

Massachusetts (HB 4806) – Massachusetts expands data breach notification obligations

New Jersey (S. 52) – New Jersey expands the definition of personal information and modifies notification standards

New York (SB5575B)- New York expands the scope of protection under the law and establishes standards for businesses to protect consumer information

Oregon (SB 684) – Oregon expands the scope of protected data and notification requirements for vendors

Texas (HB 4390) – Texas adds definitive notification timeline and establishes an advisory council

Washington (HB 1071) – Washington expands the definition of personal information and sets new notification requirements

The report offers more details on each different law.

If anything, it shows that all these high profile leaks and breaches (among other things) is finally having an impact for lawmakers. As we’ve seen with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, laws alone won’t magically make the problem go away. Still, it is a step in the right direction and has a chance at motivating companies to take the protection of personal information seriously.

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