Pokemon Crystal Review Unlocked on Patreon

Want to read the Freezenet review of the Game Boy Color game, Pokemon Crystal now? You can on Patreon!

One of the crazy aspects of Freezenet is that we have actually enough video game reviews to last nearly 5 years. That is a crazy amount of content, to be sure. Each week, you see reviews pop up for different video games and the reason why they can be so regular is because all of this was written far in advance. While every review has been noted in our video games review index, not all of them are actually available to the public. They are just scheduled for a future publication date.

There is, however, actually a way you can read these reviews early, however. That has to do with a feature we have on our Patreon page. You already know that patrons on the Chilled Out Tier and up can have early access to our podcasts. What you might not know is that those same patrons also have access to all unlocked reviews for early access.

How it works is that those subscribed to The Cool Tier and up can nominate and vote on which forthcoming review they want to have access to early each month. The winning review will then be accessible to those on the Chilled Out tier (a lower tier, actually) and up to check out and read.

This month, Freezenet Patrons have unlocked the review for the Game Boy Color game, Pokemon Crystal. This review isn’t scheduled for the broader public consumption until October 16, 2026. Now, however, if you are a Patreon subscriber on the Chilled Out tier and up, you can read the full review today. The post in question can be found here.

Thank you to the patrons supporting this website and thank you for being cool enough to unlock this post for others. With that reward handed out, calls for nominations for this month’s early access review will go out. I can’t wait to see which review you want to have early access to next. If you want to get in on this action and get in on the nomination and voting process, head on over to our Patreon page and sign up to The Cool Tier and up to nominate and vote on which reviews you want to see early. For those who just want to see the reviews, all you need is membership on the Chilled Out tier and up.

Also, huge shout out to Eric for pointing out that I haven’t mentioned this on the website as of yet. It was a great suggestion and something I will be doing moving forward.

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