Petition Against Article 11 and Article 13 Reaches 800,000 Signatures

A petition to stop the link tax and the censorship machine has reached 800,000 signatures. Seems that some object to Article 11 and Article 13.

We’ve been tracking a petition aimed at stopping the link tax and the censorship machine. Last week, we reported on the petition hitting 500,000 signatures. On Sunday, the petition reached a huge 625,000 signatures.

Now, just 3 days later, the petition has reached a massive 800,000 signatures. As of this writing, the petition totals 808,378 signatures. One thing we’ve been wondering is if this petition will reach 1 million signatures in time for the vote. Considering that the speculation is that the vote is scheduled tomorrow, the petition will need a burst of nearly 200,000 signatures to make it. So, it is a bit of a long shot at this point.

Still, that’s not to say this petition isn’t successful. In fact, far from it. One of the initial goals for the petition is to reach 220,000 signatures. At this time, we are nearly quadruple that seemingly lofty goal. The other thing is that this petition also has only been around a few weeks. So, regardless, snagging nearly a million signature in just a couple weeks is a hugely impressive accomplishment regardless of the outcome of the actual vote.

As we get closer to the next vote, more and more eyes are cast on lawmakers. Many are hoping that lawmakers will do the right thing and vote down these laws. Others might be more skeptical because multinational copyright corporations have been lobbying heavily to institute what many call Internet breaking laws.

In the lead up to this vote, European activists published a Drew Wilson style paragraph-by-paragraph legal analysis of the legislation in question. The analysis removes any doubt what Article 13 represents and why so many are keen on stopping it.

In spite of the near universal push back by European’s, there’s no sure thing in this vote. So, opposition to the law are putting out all the stops to make everyone’s voices heard on this debate. They are now launching one final push to get lawmakers to side with human rights on this issue. Many are hoping it will be enough to sway lawmakers.

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