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This months early access review, as nominated by Patrons, is Perfect Dark Zero. You can read this review now!

One thing is for sure, I can definitely say that at the start of the year that it felt like this year was going to take forever. Then, the next thing I knew, we are already posting the second to last possible early access review. Time really does fly!

At any rate, the review for Perfect Dark Zero is now up on Patreon. It is available to those on the Chilled Out Tier and up.

This game ended up being quite a surprise to me (not in a good way as you can tell by the ultimate score I gave it). Years ago, I played Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64 and found it to be one of the best games I had ever played. I was really bummed out when I realized I wouldn’t have much of a chance to play the apparent prequel afterwards. I saw some negative reviews of it and thought to myself, “a bad review? For a Perfect Dark game??? No! That can’t be right!”

I legitimately thought for the longest time that maybe those reviews were way off because there were different expectations for games at that point. I figured it was because it played so much like the previous game that people wanted something closer to Call of Duty or something. Yet, when I jumped into this game to find out for myself, I was stunned at how bad this game really was. How can, over the course of a single game, a franchise go to one of the best gaming experiences you could ever ask for to a game that was so bad, you couldn’t put down the controller fast enough?

Well, I learned that this is more than possible with this particular sequel. Now, you can find out the details of why I ended up considering this particular game such a horrible experience despite being such a massive fan right here.

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