Oddities for the Month of June of 2022

This is a list of weird, wacky, and other unusual stories that we found around the web. It is for June, 2022.

If you’re wanting a creative way of forgetting about the heat for a few minutes, why not try reading something funny to distract you?

Nothing Wrong With Dancing… Unless It’s on the Hood of Your Car in the Middle of Traffic That is

Some people like to just bust out a move and dance. Usually, however, it’s in a much more controlled environment than in the middle of traffic of course:

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A Mobile woman is being charged with disorderly conduct after stopping traffic to dance at a busy section of Schillinger Road.

Drivers were stopped by an unusual sight Tuesday around 3 o’clock in West Mobile as a woman on Schillinger Road felt prompted to leave her car and dance on her hood.

A fellow driver catching her moves on camera as she dances on the hood of her vehicle and at the busy traffic light in front of West Mobile Target and Panera. That driver shared the video to a popular Facebook page “Bad Drivers of Mobile” where it gained attention.

She pulled away from the intersection after a few minutes but didn’t get far before she was stopped by Mobile County Sheriff’s Office. 27-year-old Chandra Andrews is being charged with disorderly conduct for the afternoon dance session.

Dancing is not typically a crime, but this would definitely be an exception to that.

The Pennsylvania Pierogi Thief Strikes Again

Forget the stacks of cash. Those Ferrari car keys don’t mean a thing. These thieves really knew what they were after:

LEWIS TOWNSHIP, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Pennsylvania State Police say someone broke into a Lewis Township home on May 20 and stole a bag of pierogies.

The press release stated troopers are looking for a suspect who stole a five-pound bag of Mrs. T’s Pierogies from the victim’s residence and caused $10 worth of damage to the victim’s drywall.

The pierogies were described as very delicious I’m sure.

They Slapped Car Wheels on a Jet and Called it a Mitsubishi

There are some weird vehicles out there. The jet limo is certainly one of them:

One of the flashiest ways to show off that you’ve achieved a lot of wealth is to buy a private jet. But what if you’re really not a fan of flying? A Chicagoland Mitsubishi dealership has a wild idea for you: Ride around in a $3,799,999 Learjet turned into a limo. Wait, what?

Yes, this creation is being sold for $3,799,999 at a dealership where you could also spend just 14 large on a Mitsubishi Mirage. This dealership has some really hot cars in its inventory, including a Lucid Air and a Rolls-Royce Ghost. Sadly, the Limo-Jet isn’t parked next to new Mitsubishis, but the dealership’s photo of it in a warehouse should elicit a chuckle.

Chances are that this isn’t your first time laying your eyes on the Limo-Jet. The vehicle lives in Chicago and it has come up for sale a number of times in recent years. It never gets any less amazing to look at, either.

Yeah, I’m sure that thing is amazing… especially when you take that thing through a drive thu at an Arby’s.

Someone in a “GOD” Shirt Firebombs the Church of Satan

I wonder how the media would cover something like this:

I wonder whatever happened to ‘love one another’ these days.

How Many of you Cyclists Have Ever Been Chased By a Zebra?

As someone who has done some cycling, I can attest to many kinds of stories. I’ve had flat tires, been chased by dogs, hit by insects, had drinks thrown on me, and, of course, had my share of wipeouts. I will openly admit that non of my stories involved getting chased by a zebra though:

A cyclist going through a mountain range in California’s Central Coast ran into an unexpected foe: a seemingly pissed-off zebra.

Noozhawk in Santa Barbara reported Monday that Marcos Chavez, a 48-year-old bike rider from the small beachside town of Carpinteria, was biking down a familiar route for a routine 4-hour trek.

Going through West Camino Cielo — a massive path that cuts through the Santa Ynez Mountains — Chavez encountered the black-and-white equine. He seemed mad, Chavez said.

“As soon as I rolled up, the zebra, he saw me,” Chavez told Noozhawk. “He heard me and he saw me, and he kept looking at me.”

A driver on the road offered to turn his vehicle to protect Chavez, reported Noozhawk, but he was worried that if he biked past, the zebra would chase him.

Chavez tried biking past — and he was right. The zebra started chasing him down.

“The zebra started running at me,” Chavez told the news outlet. “It looked like air came out of its nostrils.”

That is both odd and terrifying at the same time.

There’s Dumb, Then There’s Really Dumb, and Then There’s ‘Doing Burnouts In Front of the Police Station’ Dumb

You know what’s even better? The fact that people in three separate vehicles that thought that this was a great idea:

Tickets for hazardous moving violations are up 680% in Dearborn, Michigan in the last five months since Issa Shahin, a 24-year veteran of the Dearborn Police Department, took over as chief. He’s serious about getting tough on reckless driving and his department was in the news with a related story as recently as June 1 for impounding a Mustang with a hideous paint job that was doing donuts in the middle of traffic.

This week, a brazen trio of reckless drivers caught the chief’s attention for performing burnouts in the dumbest possible place: right in front of the police station, with security cameras dotting the perimeter. Stop for a moment and consider the potential brain malfunctions that resulted in this decision.

“When this happened, I was in my office and I could hear the sounds, and so were some of my other members of the department,” Shahin told WDIV News. “I literally looked out my window and saw these kids doing the burnout right in front of the police station.”

Why, yes they were all arrested, why do you ask?

How to Stop a Temper Tantrum



I know the kid was clearly expecting that, but I still laughed.

Actual Headline: ISP: Troopers encounter man on motorized Walmart cart on interstate

“You’ll never take me alive!!!” *floors it to 5MPH*

CLARK COUNTY, Ind. — State troopers came across an unlikely vehicle on an southern Indiana interstate: an electric Walmart cart.

According to a Facebook post by the Sellersburg post of the ISP, senior trooper Rob Caudill came across a man riding an electronic cart while pushing a construction barrel around 5 a.m. Monday on I-265 in Clark County.

ISP says the man was taken to Louisville, Kentucky for pending charges, while the cart was recovered and returned to Walmart.

Officials want to remind Hoosiers unauthorized vehicles like electric carts are not allowed on the interstate. Plus, slower vehicles should use the right hand lane.

I’m guessing this was a low speed chase we are talking about here.

They Say This is a Very Massachusetts News Report

Boston Road:

Is… is this for real?

Step 1: Get The Staff Together for Team Building Exercise. Step 2: Walk on Hot Coals. Step 3… Quickly Followed up by Steps 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

Something tells me that this team building exercise didn’t pan out:

Twenty-five people have been treated for burns in northern Switzerland after they walked across hot coals as part of a team-building exercise.

Thirteen of them were taken to hospital and treated for more severe injuries after the incident on Tuesday evening.

A large emergency response, including 10 ambulances, arrived at the private event at around 18:00 (16:00 GMT).

The group walked over a bed of coals that was several metres long and felt pain shortly after, police said.

It is not yet clear if there was an issue with the set-up of the coals or with how the group walked across them.

Officials have opened an investigation and taken evidence from the site, which is in the Au peninsular just south of the city of Zurich.

I can do this… I can do this… I can… ow… ow, ow, ouch, ouch, OWWWWOWWWOWWWOWWW!!!!

2 Men Figure Out How to Bring Gas Prices Down. Police, However, Were Not Amused

Well, I believe I figured out what they meant in those ads about bringing gas prices down:

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Police have arrested two men in Virginia Beach and accused them of hacking into gas pumps and selling them for a discounted rate.

According to Virginia Beach police, officers responded to the Citgo gas station in the 1400 block of North Great Neck Road on June 14 for a report of suspicious activity.

The gas station was closed at the time.

Officers later learned that devices were being used to “illegally access gas pumps.” The gas was then being sold at a discounted rate through a phone application and was being advertised on social media.

Police have not confirmed the exact amount of gas that was stolen, however they’ve determined that “thousands of dollars” of gas were taken from the business over several days.

Probably should have hacked world economics instead.

Awkward: Finding Out Your Son Was Arrested. Also Awkward: You are the Chief of Police

I remember there was a meme about “son, I am disappoint” somewhere. Seems oddly appropriate in this story:

The 36-year-old son of newly sworn-in Honolulu Police Chief Arthur “Joe” Logan has been charged with second-degree burglary related to the alleged theft of two bicycles in 2021.

Prosecutors charged Zane Logan Thursday in the two separate cases.

In the first case, he allegedly entered July 6 a secured bicycle cage at a Kakaako condominium and stole a bicycle.

On Nov. 5, he allegedly entered the same cage and stole another bicycle, which he later abandoned when confronted by the building manager.

Second-degree burglary is a Class C felony, punishable by up to five years in prison.

I don’t think this is what they had in mind when they talked about “bring your son/daughter to work” day.

Don’t Drink and Drive. That Goes for You too, Tennessee Secretary of State, Tre Hargett

Apparently, a Secretary of State made some wrong choices:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett was arrested Friday night for driving under the influence after attending the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Coffee County.

According to booking records, Hargett was booked into the Coffee County Jail around midnight and posted a $2,000 bail just after 6 a.m. Saturday morning.

In a statement, the secretary of state says he regrets his actions and will trust the legal process moving forward.

“On Friday night after leaving the Bonnaroo Music Festival, I was stopped by the Tullahoma Police Department and subsequently arrested for DUI. Driving Under the Influence is a serious matter, and I regret the circumstances that led to my arrest. I respect law enforcement and will trust the legal process as we move forward,” said Hargett.

I sometimes wonder what goes through an officers mind the moment they realized they just pulled over a high profile politician. I would find it understandable if it goes along the lines of, “ordinary traffic stop, ordinary traffic stop, ordinary traffic stop…”

That’s Probably Not an Advisable Way of Transporting a Trampoline

Leave it fully assembled and just strap it to the roof of a tiny car? Yeah, not a good idea:

A photo of a Kiwi motorist transporting a trampoline on top of their car roof has gone global, as police here warn against the practice.

The photo of the Hyundai Accent’s bizarre towing technique made it to the social media platform Reddit and has those out of Aotearoa scratching their head.

“What an idiot. The car is only going to bounce if it is on top. Is this a Southern Hemisphere thing?”

“To be fair, this could be most of Florida, you’re catching up though lol,” another said.

A police spokesperson said, “we wouldn’t advise people to do this”.

As someone who once owned one of those, yes, there is a way to disassemble those things. Even the frame can be pulled apart into smaller pieces because it is designed that way. The frame would have to be separately transported, but the mat, springs, and crash pads (yes, every trampoline needs those) could probably be thrown into the back seat of that.

Not Many Thieves Manage to Steal a Whole House

In this case, that apparently happened:

RCMP in Tisdale are looking for a missing house.

The home, which was on a trailer in preparation for being moved, was in the Crooked River area when it went missing.

Sometime between midnight and 12:30 p.m. on June 14, the house disappeared and hasn’t been seen since.

As part of the investigation, police said that an altercation happened between an adult man and the house’s owner the day after it was stolen.

After seeing the picture, I can see “theft under $5,000”.

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