New Feature: You Can Now Support Freezenet On Ko-Fi!

We here at Freezenet are excited to announce that you can now support us through Ko-Fi. This expands the number of ways you can support us!

Freezenet has expanded again. This time, we have extended the sites presence to include the donation page, Ko-Fi. Our page can be found on

While most of our activity currently revolves around our Patreon page, Ko-Fi allows you to support us in a non-subscription method. So, if you wanted to support us, but don’t like the idea of a subscription model, you can now offer one time tips through Ko-Fi. In short, you are now able to effectively buy us a coffee. Additionally, this gives you more options to help support us. The page will also feature links to our podcast via SoundCloud.

Naturally, the inclusion of Ko-Fi meant that we had to re-organize a few things. This includes reworking our buttons on the upper right hand corner as it was, well, getting pretty crowded with all those buttons. So, we are organizing this into two separate categories: general buttons and anything related to our podcasting (both audio and video forms).

In addition to this, we also slightly modified the upper toolbar. Instead of just a Patreon link, the button now links to every way you can support us. This is now via a dedicated page. So, if there are other methods we can add, it’ll be much easier to just add it to the list on a dedicated page.

We hope you enjoy this new addition. Also, we thank all of you out there for considering the idea of supporting us directly. Even considering it means so much to us.

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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