Merry Christmas from All of Us Here at Freezenet!

It’s been another incredibly eventful year here on Freezenet. Still we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of year again where we take a step back and enjoy some time for ourselves. One thing I can say is that this year has been incredibly eventful. Between the Online Streaming Act and the Online News Act threatening to blow up the Canadian internet, I wasn’t even sure I’ll even make it to Christmas this year with this writing career.

Yet, somehow, with the Canadian government folding and news links still visible on Google here in Canada, I am able to carry on writing anyway. So, I can definitely say I am thankful for that.

One thing I was also hopeful to be thankful for is a brand new opportunity with a fully re-designed website. Unfortunately, though, the transition to the brand new design hasn’t exactly been smooth. While you were able to see the brand new look, there was a pretty big amount of data loss that saw all of my efforts since October 17th completely wiped. As of this writing, I’ve been simply writing news articles into notepad files on my hard drive with the hopes that the job of restoring my posts can finally happen even after nearly a week. So, for that alone, this has been a difficult Christmas for me.

To make matters even more difficult for me is the fact that my own mother passed away earlier on in December. So, for the better part of the Christmas holidays, I was also mourning the loss of my mother. I can say that we were both close and we spent a lot of time together. Her absence has been very hard on me personally and I will miss her very much.

With that said, I hope you had a great Christmas. Remember to be thankful for what you got and I hope 2024 will turn out to be a better year.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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