Lawmaker Wants to Ban Anonymous Online Postings

Tim Couch, a Republican representative in the Kentucky Legislature filed a bill that would make it illegal for anyone to post online anonymously.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

The bill (.doc) says that everyone who signs up with an “interactive service” must demand users full name, address and valid electronic mail address.

The bill also states that any “interactive service provider” that runs afoul of this faces a $500 fine on the first offense and a $1000 fine for each subsequent offense.

An early report suggests that the lawmaker intends to cut down on cyber-bullying and online harassment with these new laws. He concedes that enforcement of the bill would be difficult.

Of course, the proposed laws might be ill-conceived given the recently dropped case against Wikileaks which touched on anonymous postings regarding shady dealings with a bank.

At this time, it is unclear whether or not this bill has a snowballs chance in blank at passing and changing the first amendment rights of the US Constitution.

Hat tip: Privacy Digest.

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