Humble Indie Bundle 3 Earns Over $1 Million

We’ve been watching the Humble Indie Bundle releases since the beginning and the Humble Indie Bundle 3 is no exception. Recently, with a little less than a week to go, the latest iteration of the sale, the Humble Indie Bundle 3, went over the million dollar mark.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

For those who have been following ZeroPaid for several months now know that we’ve covered previous iterations of the hugely successful Humble Indie Bundles. The first Humble Indie Bundle, which, no doubt, exceeded expectations by a long shot, raked in $1,275,000. The Humble Indie Bundle 2 surpassed that total with well over $1.3 Million and closed with earning roughly $1.8 million. Then, the Humble Indie Bundle FrozenByte was also raking in a huge sum of cash, easily getting in to the 6 figures.

Well, the latest installment, the Humble Indie Bundle 3, is currently going strong. The sale has raked in over $1 million. Very good for independently produced video games.

The sale is much like the other sales. DRM free. Pay what you want. Optionally support charity as well. This particular sale features Crayon Physics Delux, Cogs, VVVVVV, Hammerfight, and also And Yet it Moves. As an added incentive, people who by the Humble Indie Bundle gets Steel Storm for free as well as being able to play MineCraft for free for a limited time. Included in this sale is the option to support charity – namely Child’s Play and the EFF. As of this writing, there is just over six days left of the sale.

True to form, there is a video included in this too:

What I like about all of this is the fact that being open to your customers and not treating them like criminals can be a very profitable thing. These types of sales prove that using things like DRM isn’t the only way to sell a video game these days. Treat your customers with respect and they will return that respect in kind. Personally, I think it’s very uplifting to see things like the Humble Indie Bundle be a success.

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