Home Chef Suffers Data Breach: 8 Million Customers Compromised

Home cooking web service, Home Chef, is the latest victim of a data breach. In all, 8 million customers have been compromised.

The list of companies that have been hit with a security incident is continuing to grow. This time, home cooking service, Home Chef, is the latest addition to this months list. In all, 8 million accounts have been compromised. From Security Boulevard:

Meal kit services have been on popular demand during the lockdown phase of Covid-19. Earlier in the week, Home Chef confirmed a security incident that exposed the personal information of allegedly 8 million customers.

The impacted data includes email addresses, names, phone numbers, encrypted passwords and the last four digits of credit card numbers used to place orders online.

While the company confirmed that they “do not store complete credit or debit card information,” “other account information such as frequency of deliveries and mailing address may also have been compromised.”

To make matters worse, the announcement follows a previous report related to a malicious group called Shiny Hunters that was already selling user databases from 11 companies (including Home Chef) on the dark web for between $1,500 and $2,500.

The month of May just keeps rolling out the punches on the security front. The absolute carnage started off with the Webkinz data breach. In all, 23 million accounts were compromised. This was followed up by the GoDaddy data breach. After that was one of the larger ones this month with Tokopedia being hacked. In all, 91 million accounts were compromised. That data breach sparked a lawsuit in Indonesia.

After that, Unacademy joined the list of companies suffering from a data breach. In that one, 22 million accounts were compromised. This was followed up by the largest one this month, Cam4. That data leak saw 10 billion records exposed. This was followed up by the ironic WeLeakData data breach. In that one, hacker information was sold on the dark web. MobiFriends then joined the long list with their own data breach. 4 million accounts were compromised in that one. Then, ChatDooks suffered from their own data breach.

From there, things went high profile when the law firm that represents US president Donald Trump got hacked. In all, 756GB of data was stolen and held for ransom. After that was the elusive data leak of Covve. That data leak that started off as being the mysterious “db8151dd” leak saw 22 million accounts being exposed. Finally, we most recently saw the EasyJet data breach. That one saw 9 million customers compromised.

Suffice to say, the month of May has been brutal with such a long trail of digital destruction being left in its wake. At this point in time, we’re left to wonder if this month will actually let up any time soon.

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