Freezenet Podcast Episode 36 for October 2021 Now On Patreon!

The 36th episode of the Freezenet official podcast for October 2021, “A Consultation Ignored is a Consultation Denied” is now on Patreon.

The 36th episode of the Freezenet official podcast for October 2021 is now available for Patreon subscribers. This is available for subscribers on the Chilled Out tier and up.

In this episode, we dive in to what the submissions actually had to say – at least the submissions we had access to anyway. Apparently, the Canadian government has decided to keep them out of the public eye. We then dive into the themes of these submission. We also cover the Facebook outage an whistleblower story.

In addition to that, we also cover all the usual music and video game reviews. We even have an exclusive sneak peek into a new EP as well as an added bonus. So, another reason to check out this episode!

We even cover the story of a Danish artist who had a thing called “Take the Money and Run”. All this and more on this month’s podcast!

If this sounds like a great listen, head on over to our Patreon page, subscribe to a high enough tier, and get your copy now!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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