Freezenet Podcast Episode 08 for June 2019 Now On Patreon!

The eighth episode of the Freezenet official podcast for June of 2019, “19 Lawsuits and Counting” is now on Patreon.

We are happy to announce that episode 8 of the Freezenet official podcast is now available. For those of you who are on the $5 tier or higher, you can head on over to Patreon and grab your copy right now.

This months episode title was inspired by the unavoidable AMCA nuclear meltdown. Essentially, the story went from a (comparatively anyway) 200,000 patient data breach to a massive 20 million patient data breach. The fallout just spiralled out of control as the company declared chapter 11 bankruptcy and sparked 19 class action lawsuits.

Of course, we talked about a number of other stories. This includes the 17 additional charges against Julian Assange, the fake Nancy Pelosi video on Facebook, all the usual music and video game reviews, and the hilarious video posted by firefighters as they rescued a bunch of police officers from a stuck elevator at a 911 call centre.

Certainly an interesting episode this month, so be sure to head on over to Patreon and check out this months episode!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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