Feature Expansion: Blender 3D Guide Now Complete

We here at Freezenet are proud to announce that we have completed another tutorial. This time, the guide is on Blender 3D.

Today, Freezenet is proud to announce another expansion to the website. This time, we have completed the Blender tutorial. This particular guide is mainly for beginners learning the software for the first time. We go through the basics of Blender, then show you how you can create a “Top 3” YouTube style video in the later parts of the guide.

Blender can be downloaded online for free and is open source. So anyone with a decent enough computer can perform the tasks found in this tutorial. The software itself is pretty complex, but can very easily perform a huge variety of tasks. Because it is so versatile and feature rich, it can also be intimidating to new users at first.

So, we wanted to do our part to make learning the software a much more simple task and allowing more users to get into this software in the first place.

The tutorial itself is divided into 10 parts. There is: Initial Thoughts on Blender, The User Interface and Basic Navigation, Moving and Manipulating Objects, Adding, Removing, and Editing/Selecting Objects, Advanced Editing, Shaders, and Modifiers, Multiple Views, Lighting, and Materials, Adding Text and Decorating a Scene, Animating Our Scene With Keyframes, Video Editing in Blender, and Some Final Thoughts on Blender.

Obviously, we can’t cover everything, so we simply cover the basics to get you started. After that, we point you into a few directions on where to take things next if you want to dive deeper into the software after. We hope you enjoy this tutorial and look forward to writing the next!

Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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