Exclusive Sneak Peak: Psy’Aviah – Looking for the Sun (EP)

In this exclusive sneak peak, we take a listen to the just recently released EP Psy’Aviah – Looking for the Sun.

This EP was released in the 25th and is the followup to last years album Lightflare. The EP features a number of tracks including Looking for the Sun, Plan B, The Great Disconnect, No More Hero’s, and Anchor Down. Lumi, Kyoko Baerstoen, Marieke Lightband, Saydi Driggers, and Anewta C. lend their talents to this particular EP, offering an even larger dynamic musical range to this EP.

To increase the size of this EP, this EP also features remixes from 11grams, KG Project, I:Scintilla, French Skies, and SD-KRTR. With the addition of a few extended mixes, this EP boasts a whopping 16 tracks – enough to really be its own album, actually.

A number of tracks offer some darker overtones, so if you are more into the dark wave side of synth-pop, this EP has a lot to offer. A number of tracks feature lyrics with critiques of modern society as well as emotional themes ranging from defensiveness, faithlessness, and a will to move on.

Still, this album isn’t exclusively darker themes. An example would be the KG Project remix of Looking for the Sun. This remix transforms this track into an uplifting pulsing trance track with piano, uplifting synths, and angelic choir elements.

Meanwhile, French Skies takes the track into an entirely different direction in a psytrance style. Complete with warped synths, effects, and haunting pads, if you are a fan of psytrance, this track should be a highlight in the EP.

SD-KRTR, meanwhile, slows things down with this track, turning it into a House track. This version features deeper basslines and minimalistic synths. If you are into minimal house with progressive elements, then this track is definitely going to be a notable one.

Overall, this EP does give a lot to fans of dark wave and synth pop. However, there is still a number of other genre’s that this EP touches on. As such, it does give fans of other genre’s a reason to give this EP a listen. It’s an overall inclusive EP that has plenty to give.

If you’d like to check out this EP, you can find it at BandCamp. A sampler is also available on YouTube:

(Main URL)

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