Capital One Security Chief Replaced After Massive Data Breach

The repercussions of the massive Capital One data breach are continuing to be felt. The security chief is now being replaced.

It was one of the more high profile data breaches this year. Last July, Capital One suffered from a data breach that saw 100 million customers compromised. Word of the breach made headlines on many major media outlets at the time.

Within 24 hours of the breach, a class action lawsuit was filed in the US against Capital One over the breach. This was shortly followed up by another class action lawsuit filed in Canada in early August.

As we reported on the story, we certainly got a few people even commenting on how this breach made them fearful about their information. So, we simply pointed them to a few ways they could get more information about what they need to do next. This includes contacting Capital One and contacting the law firms behind the class action lawsuits.

Fast forward a couple of months and we are still seeing developments to this story. Apparently, Capital Ones Chief Security Information Officer, Michael Johnson, will no longer be serving in his position. From Tech Crunch:

“Michael Johnson is moving from his role as chief information security officer to serve as senior vice president and special advisor dedicated to cyber security,” said the spokesperson.

Mike Eason, who served as chief information officer for the company’s commercial banking division, has replaced Johnson as interim cybersecurity chief while a permanent replacement is found.

The Wall Street Journal first reported the news.

Capital One continues to assess the aftermath from its July data breach, which saw a hacker take millions of credit card application data between 2005 and 2019 from customers applying for credit cards. The data leaked also included names, addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth and self-reported income, as well as credit scores and credit limits.

So, it’s not as though Johnson is gone. Instead, he is moving to a different executive position. It’s unclear if this is a demotion, promotion, or a lateral move. In any event, he is still with the company at this point.

It’s hard to say if any of this will improve the situation over the lost data. Still, we’ll keep an eye out for any developments on this story as they arrive.

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