Capital One Faces Class Action Lawsuit in Canada

More bad news for Capital One. After suffering from a data breach, the company is now facing another class action lawsuit.

Late last month, Capital One suffered from a large data breach where 100 million customers had their personal information exposed. The breach garnered considerable mainstream media coverage at the time.

It probably wasn’t a surprise that, the very next day, we found out that a class action lawsuit was filed against the company. That lawsuit, of course, was filed within the United States.

Now, there is more legal trouble for Capital One. According to Global News, an additional class action lawsuit has been filed against Capital One. This time, the lawsuit has been filed in Vancouver, Canada. From the report:

A Vancouver law firm says a class action lawsuit has been launched on behalf of six million Canadians whose personal information was compromised by a data breach at Capital One Financial Corp.

Ted Charney, lead counsel of Charney Lawyers, says the breach may turn out to be “extremely serious.”

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada says it is investigating the hack, which included one million social insurance numbers that had been accessed without authorization.

So, it seems that legal action is being taken in Canada as well. It probably isn’t really a surprise that a breach this size has resulted in legal action from multiple jurisdictions. If anything, this follows the standard roadmap of a large data breach. For those who have followed the Marriott Hotels data breach, all this is practically déjà vu.

Since the privacy commissioner in Canada said that they are investigating, it really wouldn’t be a surprise if this is not the extent of Capital One’s legal problems.

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